Located at North Hill of the Puyallup River Valley

City Info.

Edgewood is a wide spread and dynamic city of a little over 10,800 residents. The community is composed of picturesque farms, beautiful homes, friendly people and businesses. The City of stretches approximately 8.9 square miles from Puyallup and Sumner to the south and east, Milton to the northwest, and Auburn to the north and east.

One of the significant landmarks is the Nyholm Windmill. The windmill was actually it’s first landmark and has become the formal symbol for the city and incorporated into the City’s logo. The windmill was on Peter Nyholm’s ranch which became known as one of the finest ranches in the area producing hay, vegetables, fruit and dairy products.

City hood continues into the 21st century with the hope and aspiration to be a community where the quality of life is maintained for all residents and were economic development reflects the cities character. From small beginnings, great things can blossom and so is true for this Great City!

Location & Visibility:
The City of is conveniently located on SR 161/Meridian Avenue, a regional corridor within the
heart of the emerging development market in northern Pierce County.  It is accessible from both
Interstate 5 and SR 167.  The Meridian Corridor is well-traveled and the current 20,000 daily trips are
projected to increase by 25% in the next 5-6 years.


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Parks provide us the opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life into an environment that promotes personal well being, family growth, and social interaction. We are fortunate to have a wide variety of parks and trails. The link above provides list of what is out there to discover.



Mountain View Community Center

  • Senior Café SAIL exercise

  • Directions leading families out of poverty

  • Seeds of Change community meal

  • Kids Club after school program

  • Kids Camp summer day camp

  • Kilometers For Kids

  • Back to School BBQ

  • Christmas event

  • Hope Auction